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The NEW Ritz Carlton Chicago

by Cathy Demetropoulos Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a grand fĂȘte at the "new" Ritz Carlton Chicago that only the Ritz Carlton could host. Among live art models, musicians and a grand champagne toast, guests enjoyed an oyster and caviar station, various food stations peppered throughout and a beautiful cart presentation of gourmet pastries and desserts to top off the night.  Over 2,000 media personnel and industry notables attended the lavish unveiling of the updated luxury hotel that boasted a stark contrast to its previous, understated look and feel. Upon arriving to the 12th floor lobby, the first thing I looked for - and a design decision that was kept under wraps until the unveiling - was to see if the signature lobby fountain was kept intact. As you can see, the decision was made to remove it to make way for a more open layout with a contemporary design that still stays true to the classic feel that Ritz Carlton is known for. The Lobby In