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A Breath of Fresh AIRE in Chicago

by Cathy Demetropoulos Editor-at-Large, Chicago Bride Are you ready to experience a unique, relaxing and intimate experience with your spouse-to-be? Or perhaps you're planning a pre-honeymoon excursion or looking for a weekend getaway before the big day? Welcome to the AIRE Ancient Baths experience. Chicago recently became the host recipient of AIRE Ancient Baths, a European bath house experience, and I couldn't be more excited. So, I booked a visit with my significant other and off we went to experience the allure of ancient bath houses. Here's what to expect if you go... The entrance to AIRE Ancient Baths Chicago ...BUT FIRST, SOME HISTORY: AIRE Ancient Baths began in Spain with locations in Barcelona, Sevilla and Almeria and has now moved into New York, Chicago and London with upcoming locations planned for 2019 in Paris and Copenhagen. Since bath houses are more of a thing of yesteryear, the intrigue here is that you are going back in time and experiencin