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The Perfect Bridal Party Swag

by Cathy Demetropoulos Looking for the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, mother (& mother-in-law) and/or extended family? We think you'll love this gift option. Yasou Skincare is luxe wellness, Greek-inspired, natural, water-based skincare line that is based right here in Chicago! YASOU in Greek is used as a greeting (hello) or sign-off (goodbye) but it also can be used during a toast to say, "to your health"!   Founder Terry Ntovas recalls, "This idea came from watching both of my grandmothers in Greece make their own health and beauty remedies from local flowers, indigenous plants and organic beeswax or propolis.  My mother continued to follow these practices and shared them with me." YASOU’s mission is to combine the beauty traditions, natural and organic ingredients from the rich culture of Greece with American technology,  merging “old world” with “new world” to create a new Greek skin care experience for all. "I take great care